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Vacant Property Staging

We work closely with vendors and investors to create bespoke staging solutions. Each project is approached with care and focus on your specific requirements. We can provide full furniture and styling packages or individual items on a short/long terms rental basis to suit your budget. 80% of the buyers struggle to visualise how the space in an empty room can be used. Furnishing a property for sale is not a luxury in today's market, it's a necessity. Research shows that buyers are more inclined to make a higher offer on a styled property as it's easier to imagine themselves living in that house and the general expectation is that such property will receive multiple offers which makes it much more desirable. If you decide to tackle the project yourself we are happy to draft a comprehensive action plan for you to follow. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Occupied Staging

We encourage our clients to approach the staging process as an opportunity to declutter, get rid of unwanted items, and get a head start on packing. The main objective of this service is not only to help sell your house as fast as possible but for the best possible price too. Following an initial consultation, we will provide a plan using your existing furniture and accessories. We will rearrange, organize and style your property to capture the attention of more prospective buyers online and convert the viewings to offers. It has been proven that homes that have been staged sell three times faster than properties that have not.

Our Process

Personalised Gift Cards

Online Shopping

Surprise someone special with one of our personalised gift cards! They can be purchased online and used towards any of our services. Please follow the link below to get yours!

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